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We are always, Optimized On Target℠

Any engagement rules, procedures and processes are reserved for now, until entire system is rolled out. Mainly because we are fully aware of those companies that will pirate or better yet purloin our model like locusts in a corn patch - JEG. Speaking of corn patches, read the 'Channeled ePinion'℠ post No. 9.

Over the course of the past year or so, we have talked with many a programmer, none of which wanted to be a part of something awesome in the long term sense, that will break the mold. They only wanted to finish the project an bit-bam thank you, all of them were reluctant to or did not want to sign a NDA [Non Disclosure Agreement] and most likely would not have honored it anyway .
We really don't want anyone to think of us as some sort of hatters - just realists in quality with the way news is presented in every situation as accurately and true to life as possible, objectively in its absolute existence. Contrary to any preconceived mis-perceptions we are far from this definition, haters that is.

Relying on input from other IT 'professionals' in conjunction with prior unfavorable experiences with programmers, the consensus is to not trust in, out sourcing (especially from other countries, it leads to lack of security and the long distance has multiple legal issues) or pay as you go, mainly because the code written may be flawed with errors, have back door traps, useless code that causes system not to preform well and so on. Furthermore, there is no accountability after you pay them, especially if they are outside your own state (it will cost a lot if something goes wrong), etc. Or they go out of business once the word gets out on how well there code was not written along with their moral conduct in business affairs. For this reason, with significant weight on the legal side, we proceeded to acquired a mix of intellectual property and work on other aspects, including our business model.

The path mentioned above was mainly due to, if any company creates a very unique slogan, name or a catchy phrase without protecting same, very soon you find it on 'up social'
[just like the old Sunday morning paper, where you found pictures of local want-a-bees] sites being used by others that have no respect for anyones property.

Once that profile is created using your 'business brand name' not by the owner, the result is that these type sites use absolutely no verifications at all, as to the real owners of any particular trade name identities or images that are regarded to as
business assets - you have flat lost your trade name - fact. This includes any business trade name that other companies use in keys words - hinden or not, for meta data on web pages; most all the major search engines including (B G Y) do not respect anyones particular trade name, even if only in common law either; because of time or lack of funds to file a U.S. Trademark, one would think that as long as your marketing a business - of any kind using or always displaying ™ or the ℠ symbol behind your particular trade name - others would in turn respect your property.

Unfortunately, with the moral social order it play up until now, those that want to continue to control everything, as in our case, the news has a strong appetite to squash truth to continue to direct people's behavior or the course of events. Well friends the chain has been broken, an pray many will stand by us in the near future.

The last statement above is partially in-correct Bing has a way that if you want to get listed with them, you have to prove ownership in the URL if it is your business name - more on this subject on of the last Posts. Someone prove to all, how long do you have to file your trade name with the
USPTO once you let others know of a business names legal owner, by placing a ™ or ℠ behind the name? As long as it takes - otherwise moral turpitude is weak as reflected in those socialist countries still in existence.

This is not the case, because with the advent of active server pages an the like, web masters figured out how to hide, manipulate ones business trade name into their webpages, to either piggy back on or just absolutely steel your brand and use it on their site by a multitude of techniques e.g. meta data, code on web pages, etc. - these are the sluggards as described in Proverbs 13:4; that we make reference too. However, under common law you still own it, but you have to be willing to stand up for your rights - sound familiar.

Some say the internet is like the wild west, no it is not, when technology is used to circumvent items of this nature - legal that is, moral character is less than butt paper, so to speak.

Again, those that have created power that controls many, just like our founding fathers feared would eventually happen.

Are there not others, that do not care to be subservient to corporations out there;
if so, heres your sign - now Write to be Free.

One may ask the credibility of this statement, every business 'trade name' that ePinion News™ owns, before being used or the domain was taken, we searched the three major engines, plus a few minors to verify that it was not listed, used in commerce by anyone else and turned each search result into a pdf (note: a tiff image is much better, we have those too) for our historical records, if needed later. That being said, if you do not protect your trade name(s), the result of which is the same, the few '
rack havoc on moral social order' from those that want to control all.

Therefore, the wait for the right time is nearing creation for the '
Nxgenews Source Portal'™ - CyberNetworkNews™ to become a reality.

Further, we have talked with a few angle companies, some of which turned there noises up to our concept, others wanted partial or majority interest along with full or partial control of the content - we just dis-regarded these opportunities and hibernated for a time being to catch a breath of fresh air. Maybe we talked with the wrong entities, not sure. Either-way upon careful consideration, now we know that the
public after-effects had we chosen the above route was not for us and strongly feel that it would have hindered our original intent in our chosen direction, thus continuation without this type of control made more sense.

It is believed we can not only prove our model on our '
course of action' to every citizen, would hope that given a brief moment to ponder what is here and understand each of you will control the content, not only is it our destiny, but another core element in our being. Clearly it is acknowledged that by granting full control on the direction regarding content and structure herein under unanimous consensus from each employee/investor of ePinionews™, fulfilling each of our wildest dreams in having an true avenue where - 'Your ePinion Counts'™ shall reflect what Freedom really stands for.

Another major part to the mold so stated to be changed is that we will
never go 'Public', we are and always will be an employee / investor owned company and this includes 'each and every person or entity' that when asked publicly to contribute to our start up costs, you will be paid back in full plus interest within a reasonably short predefined time frame.

It is understood fully, what we have here is a bench mark - for the future of
news Driven by the Human Race™ not corporate influence on what was said or whaz happening anywhere. So do a few sponsors we have shared a glimpse with and many others believe as well. The good that can be derived from this human choreographic model - it will set a new motion on the characteristics the way news is presented and the truth will help to set us a bit freer.

A further commitment to our patrons, 55% or more of all profits will be given to a list of suggested employee approved charities e.g. Saint Jude's, Wounded Warriors and similar entities from other countries to name a few. For this reason, we all can
leave a significant mark, this too is another reason for our existence, the third element - the most important one. Most humans are here on this planet - earth for only a brief moment in time, maybe a 100 years or so if we work at it. This being said, each of us have a few choices in life, the highest one is to leave something behind that may change or influence an event, allow someone to look at life and other things in a different light, for our children and grand children's sake.

We also contemplated whether to pay some sort of royalties in addition to the interest on your initial investment, however paying each investor back plus interest, allows us to thank each contributor and we pray that returning the profits made to help others,
shows a better intent on what we really 'stand on - our integrity' - the main element.

At the minimum of at least plus or minus a certain % on net revenues from all avenues, this will cover staff personnel employed - there will be a rational amount of a clean dozen or maybe less eventually gifted programmers and a few graphic artists only, with interns as much as possible and a small office and hosting and telecom expenses.

element of our being is derived by contributors, CybrCritics™ and others that know what it means to be part of something daunting and fully understand what a difference derived from many not a few and not screened by others can do. Together we can show the world ePinionews™ is the infinite solution for relative news that is 'not just for there eyes only', in the way it is presented to, by and shared with all.

A minimum % will be put aside for unforeseen legal expenses, this is just a fact of doing business when it conflicts with the status quo, the balance held in trust for reserves and at any given time an announcement of these funds for special events.

We have been 'professionally advised' based on our current inventory of our Intellectual Properties and the associated revenue from the sale of paraphernalia from our site(s), it will help to support our '
objective reality', along with selective partners. Which in turn, we will be able to pay back employee/investors quicker. Full visual documented accountability records will always be on the site. Once paid on the original investment, your standing on continued input will be cherished and ask for - always.

Further, we looked into moving ePinionews™ over to a 501c, etc., after additional conference calls and analyzing those that carry this type of entity, concerns with the way some abuse the system and of course the governmental strings, we surrendered this thought.

In the not so distance future we will ask for support from different avenues including citizens from other countries.

Note we are, always 'Powered by the Human Race™ not the profits and decision made by share holders,
another core element in our being.

You have my word, so shall it be written into a 'Corporate Trust' and shared for all to see.




Provide shared Corresponding News Powered by the Human Race™ on relative opinions from anywhere. So many can hear & read what others know, perhaps change an attitude each trip here on any given subject.

Part II at the bottom of page.

Discussing opposing contradictions from conceptual thoughts, ideas, relative concerns or news from anywhere by anyone (thesis v. antithesis) and their solutions to discover the truth (synthesis).

Defined as -

Create 'Informational Knowledge' from all avenues that adheres to established laws and those of other nations, along with existing and recognized morals, with ethics in our purpose, that personifies CybrIntelligence™ created by the 'Human Race' with dignity.

Part II of our Mission at the bottom.

Our 'synthesis' is - Transparency, the second element of our being,
'Beyond ePinions™ - just the facts.' ™

Our Purpose

Advance 'Transparent Informational Knowledge'™ from contributors by their own faculties as to
known problems or concerns from statements or comments on any given subject from common
identities through exceptional dialogue
our central tenet, Powered by the Human Race™
leaving a 'significant mark' for others to read and challenge, with just the facts remaining.

Thanks Norman - an APD officer, for the challenge in asking our purpose.

It is not a Crime to report the News, the Crime is not sharing the news with everyone, when it happens.©

'Confusion v. Knowledge'starts here, enjoy the ride.

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